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D-Net® – Strong, Reliable Netting Made in America

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Buy ready-made heat-sealed D-Net® bags on Amazon. D-Net® bags are made in the USA to be reliable for a multitude of applications including produce packing and garden.

The reliability of D-NET makes for perfect seafood boiling bags as no color harmful chemicals will be released when boiled. Great for the packaging or large quantities as the sturdiness of the bags minimizes tearing.

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D-Net® Features and Benefits

Quality – Made from industrial grade resins

Safety – FDA compliant pigments and polyolefins

American – Made in Roanoke, Alabama USA

Selection – Multiple color and weight offering

Robust – From freezing ice to boiling water resistant

Short lead times – Factory and inventory in U.S.

Multitude of Applications

D-Net® provides a solution for several different markets and applications. from Produce and shellfish packaging to more industrial applications. D-Net® mesh netting is versatile and available in various styles for application in:

Shellfish/Produce/flower bulb packaging

Toy packaging

Mechanical Parts

Erosion Control Wattles

Oil Boom Sock

FDA Compliant

Meets Food Industry Standards and Needs

Our resins are apt for use in packaging holding produce for human consumption. D-Net® is compliant with FDA regulations and safe for containing produce, shellfish, and other food items.

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